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2013 - 2014

10/5/13 -  Aaron Flinn

"You can count on a couple of things from an Aaron Flinn album -- that unique baritone of his and an impressive musical versatility." - Brent Hallenbeck, Burlington Free Press

10/26/13 - Stephen Bennett

"The JediMaster of Fingerstyle Guitar..."  - The Toronto Fingerstyle Guitar Association

11/3 & 11/5/13 - Geoff Muldaur

"Bob Dylan didn't want to be Woody Guthrie. He wanted to be Geoff Muldaur. Geoff was the Big Man On Campus. He still is." - Van Dyke Parks

1/3/14 - Michael Jerome Browne

3 Time Juno Award Winner in Roots and Blues categories

"A mult-instrumentalist and singer of vast talent" - Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

  2/19/14 - Kelly Joe Phelps

"On gospel songs, he manipulated his fretboard to create eerie harmonics as he slipped from a mumble to a falsetto, as if to follow the soul beyond the physical realm." - New York Times

3/16/14 - Paul Asbell

"...Steel String Americana is...a sumptuously recorded showcase for the myriad wondrous tones of the solo acoustic guitar-played by one who knows how to extract them all...Definately one of my favorite guitar cds of '02" - Vintage Guitar Magazine

3/22/14 - Tim McKenzie

"McKenzie's guitar playing is so smooth you have to concentrate to hear him weave the jazz into the grass at top speed" - Robert Resnik, All The Traditions  VPR 

3/28/14 - Paul Geremia

"One of the finest blues artists..." -  Rolling Stone

3/29/14 - Brick House

"Housework can't kill you, but why take the chance?  Thank God for Brick House to go listen to when the house screams at me to clean it.  They haven't let me down so far. These girls know how to have fun."- Phyllis Diller

4/12/14 - Aaron Flinn

"The gutsiness of his folk rock style will surely leave a mark on the contemporary performance genre...bringing together all of the passion, musicianship and songwriting Flinn has to offer." - VOX

4/19/14 - Quiet Giant

5/7/14 - Eric Taylor

"I'm always the opening act when I'm around Eric. I love his voice, and he has a great narrative quality and sense  of detail.  He takes you out of your reality and into the reality of his songs. It's good writing no matter how you cut it."- Lyle Lovett.

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5/14 & 5/15/14 - Peter Mulvey

"Peter Mulvey is all substance, which is his style." -  Boston Globe. Click here to check out Mulvey's TED Talk.

5/17/14 - Richard Smith & Julie Adams

"If you like my playing, you should hear Richard Smith! The world champion!" - Tommy Emmanuel, Two Time Grammy Nominee

6/14/14 - Stephen Bennett 

"His style is very pure - just him with his guitar & mic in front of  him, he doesn't need any more than that.... it's another lesson in making melodies & chords work together. There are some great subtleties in his playing, & I love the silence in his left hand - he's very quiet when he plays. There are a couple songs on this album that, every time I listen to them, I repeat them 3 or 4 times - they're that spectacular." - Tommy Emmanuel, an excerpt from Emmanuel's 10 Essential Acoustic Guitar Albums (Bennett's CD Ten)